First published in SmartLife International volume 11 issue 3(also known to fans of the printed word as ‘The Last One’), as thoughts turn to summer holidays here’s a helpful little piece on extreme camping. No, not ‘glamping’, because that’s a term that belongs to piss-poor chick lit, the kind of magazines that encourage you to ‘stealContinue reading “FROM THE ARCHIVE: Camping It Up”

Sign of the TV Times

Not quite the piece I’d initially envisioned writing in which I’d devise my ideal TV programmes, whilst doing some arse/sofa-based research in front of the idiot lantern I realised that the clichéd mouth-breathers you hear everywhere banging on about there being nothing on television were actually right. It still doesn’t make them the kind ofContinue reading “Sign of the TV Times”

Second Fiddledom

For those who’ve been patiently awaiting more articles of some degree of depth and intellect on my blog, I’m afraid I’ve been too busy of late with ‘real’ work to knock together fresh fodder purely for your selfish entertainment. But don’t worry, that situation was unique and unlikely to repeat itself, so as we thunder towards theContinue reading “Second Fiddledom”

TRAVEL – 48-Hours in Paris

Fancy Paris for a city break this year? Then plan nothing until you’ve read this, my essential (not strictly essential) guide to The City of Lights and l’amour! Well, actually it’s mostly about food… 48 HOURS IN… PARIS In recent years the image of Paris has become more synonymous with burning cars than burning love.Continue reading “TRAVEL – 48-Hours in Paris”

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND: Great British Bottled Beers

Britain. It used to be Great Britain but I’m not so sure we can justify the name these days. A bit like countries that insert the words ‘The Democratic Republic of’ in front of their name in a bid to try and fool the rest of the world that everything’s fine, humane and not atContinue reading “SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND: Great British Bottled Beers”

Singin’ The January Blues

Accordingly to some scientific formula where modern day happiness is presumably equal to having five minutes in which someone isn’t repeatedly slamming your face into a desk, we’ve just endured the most depressing day of the year – January 23rd, also now known as Blue Monday thanks to, I presume, Joy Division sponsorship – which isContinue reading “Singin’ The January Blues”

Royal Wedding Antiques Roadshow

Hello both fellow Britizens and foreign types alike, last year, in case you didn’t notice, we had a bit of a do. But not just any bit of a do, a royal wedding bit of a do! That’s right, in the most ancient of all our ancient traditions, the grandson of our absolute monarch, Queen ElizabethContinue reading “Royal Wedding Antiques Roadshow”

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Racing Bull – Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo

A special treat for you now harking all the way back to 2010 when I found myself on the surprising end of an invitation to Budapest to watch cars with pricetags equal to that of my own house rag around the Hungaroring while being served free drinks. Read on to uncover the Hell. Oh andContinue reading “FROM THE ARCHIVE: Racing Bull – Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo”


Way back in the days when I used to preside like some grand monkey king over the luxury lifestyle bible (and one of 2010’s ABC certified top selling UK men’s magazines, apparently) SmartLife International, we ran a story on the Moto GP races in which the name Portaloo was mentioned… in idiotic referrence to aContinue reading “BLAST FROM THE PAST: Porta-Potty”

Speaking As A Parent… Children’s TV

For those of you who don’t know, I became a father for the first time last year, taking to it like a duck to ice sculpture and showing some remarkable Dad Skills from day one by instantly becoming massively, blinkeredly opinionated on absolutely everything. So, like a good pushy parent should, even though Lucas is just fiveContinue reading “Speaking As A Parent… Children’s TV”