Second Fiddledom

For those who’ve been patiently awaiting more articles of some degree of depth and intellect on my blog, I’m afraid I’ve been too busy of late with ‘real’ work to knock together fresh fodder purely for your selfish entertainment. But don’t worry, that situation was unique and unlikely to repeat itself, so as we thunder towards the weekend brace yourself for a sudden entry at any time. I’m not sure what about yet. Although I have been annoyed at television a lot of late, so that’s as good a target as any.

That being the case, here’s a sneak preview of TV I Would Make…

21.00 BBC3: Being Numan

Darkly nihilistic drama in which three tortured 30-something souls share a flat in Wales, guarding each other from the world and guarding the world from them, for these are no ordinary housemates – combining black comedy and the occult in the ultimate moderately light-entertainment twist, this particular threesome comprises  a vampire, a werewolf and Gary Numan. I shit you not.

19.30 Channel 4: Bland Designs

Openly bored out of his fucking Feng Shui tree, Kevin McCloud tours a series of housing designs cobbled together by real people with realistic budgets, yawning aloud, constantly mumbling ‘For fuck’s sake…’ and getting genuinely angry with what proles think constitutes architecture and interior designs, before urinating freely over their meagre possessions and screaming directly into camera and clawing at his own eyes. This week Kev visits a housing estate in Liverpool.

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